FAME Plugin for 3DS Max


FAME Plugin for 3DS Max provides a crowd Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that eases  the process of 3D animated film productions. Equipped with a comprehensive set of formation manipulation features, FAME indulge designers with agilities to create groups of virtual agents of any desired formation shapes in 3dsMax, effortlessly. Similarly, a well-designed user-friendly interface is made available to enable simple customizations of complex group behaviors that suits the diverse requirements of animated film productions. While currently still a development work in progress, FAME continues to strive in becoming a leading crowd AI solutions that can be widely used by the industry. One of the recent success of FAME is Darkdot, which emerged as one of the top action game in 48 countries, including United States, China and Singapore and beat popular apps and games such as Facebook, What’s App, Angry Birds and Bejeweled! With a download of well over 448,000 players worldwide, with 27% of its players from China and 17% from the USA.​​