CACANi Engine


CACANi Engine is a patented and trademarked innovative engine for creating animation solution. It provides a number of cutting-edge technologies that can be used to develop tools and applications for animation creation with improved quality and reduced cost and time.

Novel Vector Drawing

CACANi Engine provides a unique, patented (SG Patent P-No. 158436), stroke-based Vector Drawing technology. The vector representation is compact while being able to capture the user's drawing faithfully with responsive pressure sensitivity. With a combination of various powerful drawing tools, CACANi drawing technology allows users to draw and edit animation frames with ease.


Flexible Auto Inbetweening

With CACANi's stroke correspondence mechanism, users need not draw the entire inbetween frames anymore. With the flexible auto inbetweening technology, an unlimited number of inbetween frames can be created. Timing for inbetween frames can be easily adjusted on the timing chart, and then regenerated. CACANi's intuitive timing system allows the animator to change the animation's timing without resorting to complex motion curve charts.


​Keyframe 1​                                                                                                                                                          Keyframe 2


​Keyframe 1                                                   Auto-generated in-betweens                                                   Keyframe 2 

Intelligent Auto Painting

With CACANi’s automated painting technology, users only need to paint a single frame from a sequence, and CACANi will auto-paint all other prior and subsequent frames automatically. It supports customized set of colors for painting in different projects. Assisting with Gap Closing Tool, painting can be done precisely and easily. Users only need to paint or repaint certain area in one frame, CACANi will update and paint the rest of selected frames of an animation sequence, based on the color information of this painted frame.


Reference frame


Auto-colored frames

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