Innovation Platform

The MAGIC’s Innovation Platform facilitates game experimentation and rapid prototyping with intent for commercialization. This platform includes the provision of 24/7 incubation space, common services like game testing & talent matching, and development tools which will mitigate the high business risk in game development. Central to this innovation platform is the Games Solution Centre. In addition, with established partnership such as Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, access to PlayStation devkits for PlayStation game console development is possible. Similarly, development of online games on Cloud is made easy with gaming Cloud technologies from partner like Corous360. With access to Garena’s 6 million monthly active users, massive and focus-group user testing is efficient and effective. The innovation platform also includes specialized studios such as motion capture studio and audio-recording studio for developers to leverage on. However, most importantly, the Innovation platform provides a conducive environment that encourages networking, collaboration, and face-2-face consultation with experts from both game industry and related research areas. An International Scientific Panel composed of renowned game practitioners and researchers will be jointly established by NTU and SUTD to work on collaborative game R&D, design & development, thus bringing a significantly uplift to the whole game industry in Singapore.

Infrastructure & Services


FAME Plugin for 3DS Max

FAME Plugin f​or 3DS Max provides a crowd Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that eases the process of 3D animated film productions. Equipped with a comprehensive set of formation manipulation features, FAME indulge d​​esigners with agilities to create groups of virtual agents of any desired formation shapes in 3dsMax, effortlessly.

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Meme War

Meme War is a 3D simulation platform developed as a proof of concept on the incorporation of machine learning in games, particularly covering the aspect of meme gene co-evolution. While most research works have dedicated on exploring the use of machine learning in games, the success level has been rather limited due to several constraining factors. Meme War aspires to take a new approach of incorporating machine learning and computational intelligence that follows the Meme and Gene concept, and how the co-evolution of intelligent agents in game could lead to more human-like avatars in games. These shall be achieved through the integration of several inter-disciplinary artificial intelligence (AI) and game technologies to facilitate memetic and genetic co-evolution. Meme War shall serve as a starting reference and platform for research in memetic computing field as well as for the development of human-like believable games.

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CACANi Engine

CACANi Engine is a patented and trademarked innovative engine for animation solution. It provides a number of cutting-edge technologies that can be used to develop tools and applications for animation creation with improved quality and reduced cost and time.

Provided ByCACANi 

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Game Factory

The Game Factory is a next-generation rapid game development platform that provides extensibility and scalability through a software framework that offers modular configuration.
Provided By: gameLAB NTU

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Development Projects  



AMPS is designed to cater the needs of archiving, retrieving, tracking, and interacting with assets of different media industries such as animation, film, gaming, advertising and education without location constraints. It can also be easily adopted by other industries for a wide range of needs and purposes. With AMPS, project management and collaboration is efficient and effective even at different locations.

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The Boy and His Robot

小弟的机器人 (The Boy And His Robot) is the first of a planned trilogy of short films set in the same fictional time an d universe that will lead to an eventual feature film. This film aims to break new ground by partnering companies/institutions that produce innovative technologies and incorporating visual effects that are almost entirely rendered by GPUs, and utilizing cloud computing power – a feat never attempted before.

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