Innovation Platform​

The MAGIC’s Innovation Platform facilitates game experimentation and rapid prototyping with intent for commercialization. This platform includes the provision of 24/7 incubation space, common services like game testing & talent matching, and development tools which will mitigate the high business risk in game development. Central to this innovation platform is the Games Solution Centre. In addition, with established partnership such as Sony Computer Entertainment Asia, access to PlayStation devkits for PlayStation game console development is possible. Similarly, development of online games on Cloud is made easy with gaming Cloud technologies from partner like Corous360. With access to Garena’s 6 million monthly active users, massive and focus-group user testing is efficient and effective. The innovation platform also includes specialized studios such as motion capture studio and audio-recording studio for developers to leverage on. However, most importantly, the Innovation platform provides a conducive environment that encourages networking, collaboration, and face-2-face consultation with experts from both game industry and related research areas. An International Scientific Panel composed of renowned game practitioners and researchers will be jointly established by NTU and SUTD to work on collaborative game R&D, design & development, thus bringing a significantly uplift to the whole game industry in Singapore.​

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Education Platform

The MAGIC’s Education platform builds on NTU’s progressive educational pathways on game education that ranges from Certification, Bachelor, Master, to PhD. NTU will be revamping an existing MSc (Digital Media Technology) programme into an industrial MSc programme with specialization in game design & development, educating more game developers and entrepreneurs. Central to this Education Platform is the focus on enhancing the industry-readiness of graduates coming from formal game courses and industry practitioners. MAGIC will facilitate commercialization of qualified student work from NTU’s industrial MSc programme and SUTD’s internship programme through GSC either adopted by existing industry companies or newly spun-off start-ups. The platform also encompasses students working on client-based projects as practised in NTU, and hands-on workshops on latest development tools. It also entails a systematic framework to nurture game entrepreneurs through structured Game Accelerator programme.​​​

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