Samsung Mobile Games Challenge 2013

First Prize Winner: Stickman

This game is about being a stickman attempting to reach the end of the each level, represented by Treasure Chests, while avoiding crumbling blocks, sawtooth and various fatal obstacles. The player can jump and run on platforms, and can jump off or slide down walls.


Second Prize Winner: Dusty Warrior

The game uses Dusty, a character provided by PD Design Studio, as the player character. In this game, Dusty will be portrayed as a warrior who helps to save the governor's daughter who has been taken by bandits as hostage. 


Third Prize Winner: Bubble Battle

“BUBBLE BATTLE“(Android) is an timing game, where player have to keep matching the tiles to gain energy to attack the monster. By matching at least 3 same-colored bubbles, we get element power to protect our village from monsters’ attacks.

bubblebattle.jpg  Other Projects


Flying Ace

Flying Ace is about flying, but not merely a normal flight. It is to fly with excellency, with an ‘Ace’ in mind. Player will go through the journey of dynamic survival flight with Ace - the main character (main spaceship) of the game.

Crook vs Brook

The game is to guard cars  parked in a Brook       parking lot in a Manhattan town called Wheelsberg.   The Crook (burglars) will try to steal the  car. Then Brook (player) saves the car by tapping the burglar within the parking lot.  

flyingace.jpg flyingace.jpg

Spell Pen

This game is loosely based on the rogue like genre with a potential for level randomization. The player who  
​possesses the spectacular Spell Pen with remarkable spells is empowered to tackle the dragons encountered in the forest.

Falling Animals​

Players would need to catch objects that fall from the sky. Different from other catcher games where players control the catcher, players need to direct the objects towards the catcher in this game.