MAGIC Game Challenge 2016


First Prize Winner: Temoji

Temoji is a fast-paced tower defence game, but with a twist: we directly control the robot to gather resources, build towers, and attack the enemies.



Second Prize Winner: You Never Sink Alone

Team up with a friend to conquer the seven seas! Switch roles between a helmsman and a gunner, defeat the sea monsters and rescue your fellow shipmates! 


Third Prize Winner: AI-TTACK

The evil robots have invaded our real life. Use your mobile device to aim and destroy them!


​​ ​​​​

Other Projects

hisstory_small.jpg hisstory_small.jpg

His Story

Dive deep into your surpressed memory and figure out the murderer in this exciting point-and-click adventure.

Drift of Kismet

Hop between the planks and survive the mystical sea hazards! Remember, don't be too greedy!

Nightmare Escape

A grand non-linear hack-and-slash game. Conquer and impersonate various monster tribes, and ultimately escape the island!

hisstory_small.jpg hisstory_small.jpg

​​​Nut Quest

Winter is coming! Survive by collecting nuts in this fast- paced rhythm casual game.


Embark on an epic journey as a magical ball from the deepest hell to the highest heaven. Navigate and evade the perils and reach the final destination.