MAGIC Game Challenge 2015

First Prize Winner: Crane Fairy

Crane Fairy is an innovative puzzle game that allows players to switch the spaces to rebuild the structure of the level and unlock the puzzle.



Second Prize Winner: Sky Walker

Sky Walk is a first person puzzle platform game. Players can shoot platforms in the sky and walk on them, and trap enemies by destroying the platforms behind them, in order to reach the tower to get the lost trophies.




Third Prize Winner: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy is a simple yet challenging, brain-training and addictive puzzle game controlled by leap motion device. Players need to connect all the stars of a Galaxy that are linked by wormholes but they can travel each wormhole only once.




Other Projects

eggsrun.jpg  eggsrun.jpg

Eggs! Run


Eggs! Run is an action game. Players navigate two orbiting eggs to avoid being hit by falling barriers, and in this process rewarding props may also fall unexpectedly. Eggs​​ hit by these rewards will have positive effects.

Reincarnation ​​

Reincarnation is a 2D RPG Game designed using Construct 2 Game Engine. The hero will encounter different kinds of monsters and traps in this game, collect keys to open different doors, collect coins to get higher score.​​​​​​

eggsrun.jpg eggsrun.jpg


In this endless run casual game, a fly trapped in the ocean needs to join bubbles with oxygen to make a path upwards to breathe and survive.

Animo City

Animo City is a two-player arcade-style 2D shooting game developed using CACANi and Construct 2. Ambitious animals have to defeat their opponents to end the battle, and become the uncrowned king of Animo-City.​