MAGIC Game Challenge 2014

First Prize Winner: Freakolution

Freakolution is a multiplayer wave survival game. The main focus of the game is the cooperation between the players. Each player gets to choose his own class and chemical which all have strengths and weaknesses.



Second Prize Winner: Geometry Evolution

In the universe of geometry, a circle evolves and could finally defeat the dictator of the whole universe and bring the geometry world a peaceful and happy life.



Joint Third Prize Winner: Aviator

In this game, player will control the plane to experience the exciting flying adventure. With the amazing 3D mode, the player could enjoy the flying journey and explore the adventure.


Joint Third Prize Winner: Yoyo and Xin

Yoyo and Xin is a third-person 3-D running game. The goal of the game is to cover as much distance as possible in common mode or complete as many tasks as possible in the stage mode.



Other Projects

bacteriabattle.jpg bacteriabattle.jpg

Bacteria Battle

The invading of the Ebola virus makes people have a deep thought of the severe situation of the spreading speed. This game aims  to arouse public attention and spread the p​​ositive energy.

Maniac Run

The back story of Maniac Run is  where the Player Character is affected by bi-polar disorder. As a result, the strange unreal thoughts provoke your soul to be your enemy. It is your ability and intelligence to safeguard yourself.


  The game is a music themed  game where players tap through the rhythm falling from the top and enjoys the avatar dancing along with the music playing.