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About Us


The objective of Multi-plAtform Game Innovation Centre (MAGIC) is to champion efforts in research, development, education, commercialization and impact of digital games in Singapore. It hopes to establish and strengthen Singapore’s position as the leading hub in Asia for managing research, innovation, commercialization, application and impacts of digital games. With MAGIC, the Singapore Game Sector will not only see more exciting high-quality games created and published but also cutting-edge game tools/services created from the industry-relevant R&D undertaken. MAGIC will be redefining gameplay for game development facilitation & solution innovation.


MAGIC integrates and develops talents, skills, technologies and resources relating to the development, implementation, marketing and applications of digital games in Singapore and beyond. It is our hope that through MAGIC, individuals and businesses can enjoy the magical experience of digital games tailored to their needs and ultimately benefitting society as a whole.

Specifically, MAGIC addresses research, development, education, commercialization and impacts of both high-quality game contents and game development tools/products/services for all platforms ranging from PC, console, social network, mobile and other emerging platforms.

MAGIC’s aggregated game-related technologies and services can benefit ordinary users, local game developers and organizations in many ways. It provides technology, tools and services to help individuals or organizations to produce and/or commercialize high-quality games for their own purposes. Consultancies on the game content, economic and business mod els as well as the study of impacts on the use of games and recommendations for policies will be made available as well.

Drawing upon NTU’s multi-disciplinary game R&D, MAGIC offers courses from certification to degree and graduate courses at NTU. SUTD, being a key research partner, will bring in fresh ideas to further invigorate the magic in the centre. MAGIC will tap on top-notch conferences and game festivals to stimulate scholastic discourse among game researchers, promote collaboration between gaming research communities and industries and promote awareness and consumption of locally-developed digital games.


Research resulting from the R&D Platform will culminate in technology toolsets and game ideas from which students in the Education Platform will be mentored to develop game prototypes. Selected prototypes will be further developed with interested companies/parties in the Innovation Platform which will ultimately be incubated and commercialized in the Commercialization Platform.

Supporting the integration of these four platforms is an asset management system which manages common data and tools to make them available to everyone who has access to MAGIC. This facilitates exchanges and reusability of resources. For example, motion capture data may be used to drive virtual characters and building models may be used to create virtual environment in a number of different games. Assets may also be retargeted for different applications, for example, the same cartoon character may be used in comic, animation and game.

MAGIC will be the preferred place for companies and individuals to call upon. Researchers coming in through the R&D Platform can concentrate on research which is what they do best but yet have access to the resources of the other three platforms to support their research. Similarly, those coming into MAGIC through one of the other platforms will experience access to all the resources of MAGIC.

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