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​​​​MAGIC @ SIGGRAPH 2017 and Expressive 2017

Published on: 10-Aug-2017

MAGIC PhD Student, Santiago Montesdeoca, presented his work on watercolor stylization at Expressive 2017 and Siggraph 2017, co-located in Los Angeles.

At Expressive, he presented his lateEdge- and substrate-based effects for watercolor stylization, in front of a highly specialized audience in the field of Non-Photorealistic Rendering (NPR).

At Siggraph, he gave a real-time demo of the developed watercolor technology at Real-Time Live! in front of over 2000 attendants, which was simultaneously streamed all around the world. The session featured the direct 3d stylization pipeline developed as part of his research to art-direct stylization effects in real-time.

The reception at both events has been remarkably positive, resulting in great feedback and many potential open opportunities for collaboration, not to mention new friendships.

Santiago is now back in Singapore, fully motivated to keep pushing the boundaries of stylization in object-space through his research at MAGIC.

For more information about his research and work, please visit his personal website:

For more information about Siggraph 2017 REAL-TIME LIVE!:

SIGGRAPH 2017 Real-Time Live! Trailer:

SIGGRAPH 2017 Real Time Live:


Santiago Presenting "Direct 3D Stylization Pipeline"


Siggraph 2017 at the LA Convention Center

Expressive 2017

Presenting at Real-Time Live!

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